On behalf of all of us at UC Funds and The Palmier Foundation, our prayers go out to those affected by the recent earthquake in Mexico City that left the area in ruins.

One of the groups on the ground working toward recovery is the Urban Mosaic team, which is helping to clear the debris and demolish unsafe structures posing security risks. The organization is also offering emotional and psychological support to victims of the quake—and training others to do so, too.

Urban Mosaic, a non-profit organization dedicated to faith-based support and leadership, has been doing important work in Mexico City and other areas for the last 10 years. Urban Mosaic’s mission is to transform urban slums in the poorest locations through education, faith-based support programs, and public health improvement projects. Its goals are ambitious, and the work it’s doing today is helping Mexico City not only to rebuild, but to recover from its trauma.

We’re so pleased to announce that The Palmier Foundation has donated to Urban Mosaic’s current capital campaign, Centro Renovar. It’s another extremely deserving cause, and contributing to its growth means a lot to us.

Centro Renovar will be a retreat and training center for Mexico City’s urban-based pastors and other faith-based community leaders. Its goal is to offer the tools, training, and support these mentors require to provide emotional and spiritual guidance to those who need it most. After an entire city’s population is traumatized, we realize just how valuable this kind of leadership is, and it’s inspiring to see this work in action.

To see how Urban Mosaic is aiding those in need in wake of the earthquake’s devastation, follow updates on its Facebook page, and please consider donating to its efforts. Your contribution can help Urban Mosaic rent the equipment to continue its work clearing debris and making the city livable again.

“Helping those who are underserved is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life,” said Daniel Palmier, CEO of UC Funds. “I’m blessed to be able to give to those who don’t have the opportunities for education, safety, and the comforts of daily life many of us take for granted. And I’m grateful to be able to aid those who are on the ground, doing the heavy lifting. The workers are in my thoughts and prayers. I have faith the city will be restored, and that its residents will be able to find peace in this difficult time.”