Building a Bigger Bridge: UC GO Plus
Private lenders are emerging as the heroes, injecting much-needed capital and breathing new life into stalled projects. High interest rates, apprehension from commercial banks, and the challenges of accurate property valuation have created an unstable lending environment, which has led to many projects being stalled or failing altogether. In an environment where private lending had already increased substantially, nearly 50% of CRE projects are reportedly
exploring alternative financing. That’s why UC Funds launched UC Go, a timely form of rescue capital for cash-flowing projects that were just steps away from stabilization. Based on its success and sponsor appetite, UC Funds has now expanded the program – UC GO Plus – to support larger capital requirements.

Why Consider Alternative Financing:

  • Cost and Availability of Capital:  Rising interest rates have made bank loans less attractive, pushing borrowers towards private lending options.
  • Banking Constraints:  Banks are tightening lending requirements, making it harder for CRE projects to secure traditional financing.
  • Market Volatility: The threat of mass defaults and economic disruptions has made private lending a more resilient option.
    Creative Financing: From short-term loans to seller financing, private lenders are offering innovative solutions to meet the market’s needs.

UC Funds UC GO Plus
The freshly launched UC GO Plus platform expands upon the UC GO lending option, delivering debt starting at $50,000,000 with many of these shorter-term bridge loan rates that start at SOFR +250. With more than 35 years in the business, UC Funds’ Asset Management expertise is the backbone of our vertically-integrated specialty finance solutions. In the past few weeks, UC Funds has closed over $50 million in new deals. We never put our pencils down and have a history of helping projects thrive during economic uncertainty.

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About UC Funds.   Providing over $4 billion of capital solutions, UC Funds is a one-stop shop for commercial real estate capital solutions and has earned a national reputation for being the industry’s most sophisticated financial ally. UC Funds is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, and Denver. For information on our lending platform or investing opportunities, please email