UC Funds, a vertically integrated commercial real estate specialty finance firm, and its family of companies proudly announce the launch of their 2024 Summer Fitness Challenge, as they do every year. This annual event brings together colleagues, clients, family, and friends in a spirit of wellness, fitness, and friendly competition to benefit key initiatives through The ONE Foundation.

Participants of the challenge will be divided into three teams—Red, White, and Blue. Each team tracks its daily and weekly fitness activities. This team orientation allows UC Funds professionals from across the country to unite, interact with various business units, and work together for a greater cause. The challenge embodies the spirit of Ubuntu, a South African proverb that is close to the heart of The ONE Foundation, meaning “I am because we are,” emphasizing the collective effort and shared humanity in making a difference.

The ONE Foundation works in 88 countries across the globe, combining financial resources, education, social services, and volunteerism to provide essential services and support to those in need. Through initiatives like Water for Life and Food for Life, the ONE Foundation is dedicated to transforming lives and creating lasting change globally.

Daniel Palmier, CEO of UC Funds, shares his enthusiasm for the event: “Every summer, our UC Funds team from all over the U.S. embarks on healthy fitness challenges and great teamwork. We call this ‘30 Days of Opportunity,’ challenging our fitness and health focus and supporting one another. We thrive together! It’s truly inspiring to see how our colleagues, family, and friends come together for this. What I love most is that so many team members seek to continue this challenge throughout the year. All donations go to The ONE Foundation, amplifying our impact worldwide.”

For more information about The ONE Foundation and to see the latest updates, visit https://theonefoundation.com/.

About UC Funds:

UC Funds is a one-stop shop for commercial real estate capital solutions and has earned a national reputation for being the industry’s most sophisticated financial ally. UC Funds is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, and Denver.

About ONE Foundation:

ONE Foundation started with the Palmier family who has been involved in charitable work spanning several generations. Now, through ONE Foundation, they have been able to combine efforts and maximize resources to reach communities all across the globe. Today, ONE Foundation strives to be one of the most active philanthropies in the United States, combining financial resources, education, social services, and volunteerism to improve lives and communities across all continents.