Here at UC Funds, we’re pleased to introduce a new team member who is now overseeing expansion at our recently launched New York City branch. We’re also proud to announce the promotion of an existing employee leading business strategy and marketing initiatives across the company.

Join us in welcoming Cathy Oniffrey to the UC Funds family as the new Head of Capital Markets, at our new branch office in New York City. In her new position, Cathy will oversee core business development and strategic initiatives to further UC Funds’ funding strategy. She will execute and manage financial transactions in the New York space, as well as drive new sponsor development. Cathy has over 30 years of experience in commercial banking, finance, and investment, at companies such as Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group, and Centennial Bank. She most recently served as Managing Director at Centennial Property Finance. We believe Cathy will excel in her new role and be a valuable asset, leading UC Funds’ business strategy in New York.

We’re equally thrilled to announce Rosemarie McElwee Console’s promotion to Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. In her new position, Rosemarie will work across teams at UC Funds to secure revenue opportunities within the commercial real estate space. She will also lead the effort to organize and expand UC Funds’ revenue as well as manage new business and management at UC Funds’ trophy asset, ONE CLUB Gulf Shores, opening in May 2018. Rosemarie’s recent experience includes high-level positions at O’Neill Properties Group LP, McGraw-Hill Education, and Thomson Learning. The UC Funds team has no doubt Rosemarie will continue to shine moving into her new role overseeing substantial projects and new initiatives.