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UC Funds Converts 2 Hotels amid Covid-19






UC Funds Creates Temporary Residences for COVID-19 Frontline Americans

Stamford, CT – Just a year ago, UC Funds was having a Grand Opening party in the sparkling lobby of their brand-new Marriott Residence Inn Stamford and its adjoining sister hotel, Courtyard Marriott. Two hotels, side by side. Champagne, music, and hundreds of guests and local officials gathered to celebrate the long-awaited hotel, the full scope of amenities shared by the two adjoining hotels, and its promise for downtown Stamford’s renaissance.
Fast Forward to current day and we are all faced with the realities of COVID-19.  Instead of closing the doors of these two superior hotels, new guests – First Responders – were welcomed into the properties.
Enter the new guests of UC Funds’ Residence Inn and Courtyard Marriott: Stamford Health nurses and doctors, the Connecticut National Guard, travelling nurses from all across the United States, CDC frontline workers, the Department of State, and Stamford’s own First Responders.
Dan Palmier, Founder and CEO of UC Funds and owner of the 2 Stamford hotels, as is his natural response, quickly pressed forward to help more than 5 agencies and 140 frontline workers and safety providers with much-needed accommodations. The message was clear: The two luxurious hotels could serve as a home base for frontline providers. “We knew that this area of our country could experience an intensely trying time, so we started making calls several weeks prior to the peak in CT and offered any help that we could provide, whatever it needed to be, says Dan Palmier. “We have brand new rooms, expansive open space and deployment areas, with top rate services and supplies. We have “to go” food and drink available from the ONE Club Tequila Lounge. It is my honor and duty to assist.”
UC Funds has already embarked on a significant effort to help others affected by COVID-19 and its effects. They have pledged 10% of their profits over the next quarter to go directly toward COVID-19 relief, have shipped several thousand masks and gowns to needed areas and hospitals and have already sent $200,000 to the neediest in the United States and India through their foundation, the ONE Foundation.
And back in Stamford.
“In a time that has been so difficult for our country and the hospitality industry, it is an incredible feeling to arrive at work each morning to see so many front line healthcare workers, travelling nurses from all over the US, government workers and volunteers, and private company construction volunteers, here to serve, in our hotel lobby. We are humbled by their service. We are also incredibly hopeful when we see these 140 men and women each day that we are helping to support the world and beat COVID-19,” says Todd Lindvall, General Manager of the UC Funds hotels. “When I drive home, I can actually see the work that is being done for local citizens. It’s an amazing start and end of the days for me.”
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Steeped in Judeo-Christian values, ONE Foundation’s mission statement is to acquire and grow resources that assist individuals in local and global communities to attain a better quality of life.
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