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UC Funds $200 Million in 20 Days

Palmer Park

UC Funds $200 Million in 20 Days:  Has Stellar Year of Closings in Sights

Palmer Park

UC Funds has closed more than $200 Million in the past 20 days and is on pace for a stellar year of closings.  UC Funds closings throughout the pandemic have been nothing less than record-breaking and the past 20 days completed another $200 million in closings for 2020, UC Funds’ 10th anniversary year.

“When the pandemic started, we made a commitment to not only survive but to thrive. Although our staff were physically apart during the earlier months, we continued to do what we’ve always done; focus and execute for our clients,” says Dan Palmier, Founder and CEO of UC Funds.

“We have stayed open and worked harder, while most of our competition stayed on the sidelines. We have been able to help sponsors with projects and fuel the economy of the United States. Certainty of execution is the underpinning of why we have so much success for our new and established clients.”

UC Funds is on pace to close more than $750 million in transactions this year providing a One-Stop Shop for commercial capital solutions nationwide.

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