February 27, 2022 – The non-profit Charity arm of Founder and Chairman of UC Funds, The ONE Foundation, will immediately mobilize life-saving medical supplies and resources to the Ukrainian people and communities stricken by the Russian invasion and war atrocities.

The ONE Foundation and non-profit partner, InterVol, have been collaborating for more than a two decades to provide humanitarian aid to keep individuals and communities around the world protected, assisted, and safe.

“ONE Foundation’s mission is to assist individuals in local and global communities to attain a better quality of life. When has there been a more crucial time for the peoples of the world to step up and provide relief to innocent civilians?”, said Dan Palmier, Founder of ONE Foundation.  “My family and loved ones are from the Region and we are turning our heartbreak to hope in action for all the peace-loving people in Ukraine.”

To Donate, please CLICK THIS LINKhttps://theonefoundation.com/donate-now/.

For more information on The ONE Foundation, visit the website.