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Highlights Visionary Leadership of CEO Daniel Palmier in Gulf Shores Development


Transforming Gulf Shores: The Visionary Story of ONE Club

Entrepreneur Daniel Palmier serves as the Founder and Chairman of UC Funds, a distinguished private finance firm.  In addition to Mr. Palmier’s long-standing track record in commercial real estate, his philanthropic passion found expression in the ONE Foundation, a global non-profit whose mission is to assist individuals in local and global communities to attain a better quality of life. In 2016, Daniel purchased Emerald Greens, a 490-unit condo and apartment golf course community located on Gulf Shores Parkway and adjacent to Craft Farms.

The origin of ONE Club came from Daniel and UC Funds’ recognition of a growing market teeming with opportunity. This venture was not only a lucrative investment, but a chance to contribute significantly to the economic development of Gulf Shores.  In addition to the business aspect of the purchase, Daniel also integrated the teaching from his grandmother of three Fs:  Faith, Family, and Friends.  As you will see later in this article, he also incorporated a fourth F – Fun – into his Gulf Shores ventures.

A decisive turn came when Dan invited Ellen Plunkett to head his newly formed realty company to buy and sell condos, starting with his ambitious vision into what we now know as ONE Club Gulf Shores. Ellen began her real estate career in Rhode Island, where she was first licensed, and continued working as a broker for nearly two decades in Boston and the surrounding Northeast area.  Over the course of 20 years, she brokered an impressive $50 million across diverse real estate products, establishing her success in the field. Now, Ellen Plunkett is nominated as one of the top producing Brokers in Gulf Coast area. 

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