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UC Funds Expands UC GO Bridge Loan Program


UC GO is a non-recourse commercial mortgage bridge loan and is national in scope.  It is now available at high leverage.  The variable rate non-recourse product, with competitive rates, is available for loans as little as $5 million.

  • Transitional Loan Types with in-place cash flows

  • Non-cash flowing, but near completion projects that need a little bit more runway

  • Deal Size: $5mm to $35mm

  • DSCR:  minimum of .5X 

  • Terms: 12 to 36 months

  • Rates: Starting at SOFR + 250

  • Non-Recourse

  • Cash out available

3 Reasons to Contact UC Funds for your Bridge Loan needs:

1.   UC Funds is the most entrepreneurial financial ally in the market that has been providing innovative capital solutions for more than 30 years.  

2.  Our UC GO Bridge Loan Program offers short-term financing to owners of multifamily and commercial real estate projects. UC GO supports cash-flowing projects that need a little more seasoning as well as non cash-flowing projects that need 6 months more to obtain their CO. UC GO helps you recapitalize, extend, and complete your project without losing your equity and investment.

3.  With experienced in-house underwriting and asset management, our platform helps sponsors and owners secure the funds they need for their projects. 

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