ONE Foundation Supports InterVol’s Innovations in TeleMed & Home Care

For 2023, we are truly humbled to be chosen as the Honorary Chairs for a year of important fundraising for one of our chief partners, InterVol.  Since the ONE Foundation’s inception, we have worked hand in hand with InterVol and what a joy it has been!  A unique characteristic of both the ONE Foundation and InterVol is our shared goal for the resources to go directly to those in need, with no red tape or delay.

We have many impactful memories of our work with InterVol….teams of medical professionals and volunteers traveling to Haiti or Belize, life-saving surgeries, immediate responses to various crises with humanitarian aid….tornado, flood, hurricane, COVID, or wild-fire, InterVol has been there and we are very grateful to be a part of it.  Our most recent experiences in Dangriga, Belize and the weeklong relief effort at the onset of war in Ukraine humbled us – it also exhausted us!  We continue to be amazed and invigorated by the impact of InterVol and the incredible commitment of volunteers and healthcare providers.

We have a goal to pledge $100,000 to InterVol over the course of the next 4 years.  Recently, we have just raised the first $25,000 and hope you will consider joining with ONE to donate for InterVol’s future innovations in telemed and home health services for those in need.



  • “Water for Life”: More than $600,000 for more than 40 wells. These wells provide immediate water access to more than 40,000 people in the native. It enables young girls and children the opportunity to receive and education rather than traveling 10 miles each day to find water sources for their village. Water for Life expands the average lifespan of the Turkan peoples.
  • “Food for Life”: Provide more than 5,000 pounds of food for drought-ridden Kenya, Africa in just three days. This effort has saved more than 100,000 lives with food supply to meet the negative impacts of drought.
  • Bangalore, India: Working with the Asian Christian Academy, ONE Foundation provided transportation, trucks and cars so that the pastoral care is able to travel to all outposts of Bangalore for spiritual giving many families and village in India. Additional resources were provided to rebuild homes and communities from interior religious persecution and riots.
  • Ukraine: Provide more than 100 hours of volunteer service and 1,100 slates of clothing, medical supplies and toiletries to war ravaged individuals and families in the Ukraine.
  • Gulf Shores, AL: $25,000 for the Gulf Shores, Alabama School District supplying much needed supplies and learning resources to serve more than 5,000 children in PreK-5th Grade.