Smart Solutions for Commercial Real Estate: Shorter Term Bridge Programs

In an ever-evolving commercial real estate market, avoiding costly equity losses requires creative, strategic financial solutions. In an increasingly tight lending market, our years of experience across the commercial real estate landscape prompted one of the key areas of focus for our UC GO platform that provides entrepreneurial structures for shorter term bridge loans.

The Power of Cash Flow for Lender & Borrower:  UC Funds UC GO

Bridge lending on cash-flowing projects means financing properties that are currently generating steady revenue with a healthy DSCR. This approach reduces the risk on the investment as the revenue stream can support loan repayments and operational expenses.  It also allows the sponsor the brief time they need to stabilize and then execute an exit without losing their equity.   Key benefits of the UC Funds UC GO platform are:

  • Competitive Rates: UC GO has extremely competitive rates with cash out being an additional possibility.
  • Stability: Cash flow provides a stable basis for assessing a project’s viability.
  • Reduced Risk: A consistent revenue stream minimizes default risks.
  • Flexibility: Cash flow supports adaptation to market changes.
  • Equity Protection: These shorter-term bridge solutions protect the borrower from equity losses that could be pending with their current structure.

This non-recourse first mortgage is available for a variety of deal sizes, starting as low as $5 million for a term between one and three years.  Can fund as low as $5 Million and beyond $50 Million with UC GO Plus for larger loan sizes.

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